7 Camping Game Ideas

Camping games are for nature lovers. If you love nature, camping games are best suited for you. Camping on regular basis keeps you coming back to nature and influences your fitness. Camping with your family and friends at regular intervals gives you your personal time off from work. The best part of camping is if you have a smaller budget going for a campaign would be a great idea for less cost.




Below are the 7 camping ideas you can choose from:

1. Ice breakers

This is one of the favorite and the most popular campaign activity among the kids and adults. There are several kinds of ice breakers you can play. Below are the few examples:

• 2 truths and one lie: You have to ask each person in the group to think of two true facts and one lie about them. Each one writes it on a piece of paper. The only condition is one of those things should be a lie. Collect all the papers and one person has to read that aloud. The group has to identify the person and the lie in the list.

Candy Ice breaker: Take a bowl and put lots of candies in it. Ask each person in the group to take candies from that bowl. They should be taking more than 3 candies. Then at the last ask each person to speak the same number of facts about themselves as the number of candies they have taken.

2. Scavenger hunt

This activity is very popular among kids. They love to do it. Kids would love to collect what they have hunted for. You can create a list for kids to hunt in the nearby places and they will enjoy doing it. For e.g. you can ask them to hunt for a birds nest, ask them to take a picture of a snake, a kind of a creeper they have never seen before, a frog, a snail, animal tracks on the way, a unique color flower etc.

3. Competitions

This is the best trick to bring excitement among the kids. Ask the kids to collect the biggest stick and wood for the campfire. Make them compete with who can get the most material or who can run the most or anything that is nearby your campaign place.

4. Hide and seek

This is one more popular game among the kids and adults. Hide and seek is the game everyone will love to play. Do not forget to set the boundaries for hiding as it can become risky. More camping game ideas right here.

Story telling

Sitting in a group at the campfire you can have a lot of stories exchanged in the group. Ask each person to tell their own touching and life changing stories. This will not only inspire others but will also help them understand the other person.

camping ideas

Memory game

Sit in a group in a circle. Start with one person. Ask him to speak out a name of any person- it can be from the group or outside. The next person has to continue the list speaking the first name followed by another name. This way by the time it reaches to the last person he will have a huge list. The one who misses out one name is out of the game.

Castle making competition

Ask kids to make castle and create a competitive atmosphere amongst kids. Ask them to make the best and biggest castle and acknowledge the winner with special prices in http://www.ultimatecampresource.com/site/camp-activities/camp-games.html. They will love doing it. This will create a sportive attitude among the kids.





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